Monday, October 6, 2008

Prospecting Skills - Starting Conversations

Do you know anyone who got started in a MLM business, got all excited & bouncy, & then suddenly stopped dead in their tracks with that "dear-in-the-headlights" look? Heck, that may even have been you when you got alone with your thoughts and suddenly realized, "Oh … I don't have any prospecting skills!" This is a network marketing challenge I call "starting gate paralysis. This is very common syndrome among new network marketers, & there's a very simple solution.

This syndrome usually prompts the new comer to frantically call her sponsor & ask, "How do I quickly strike up a conversation with a cold prospect?" To best answer this question let's look at it again to see what's really being asked.

Q.: - "How do I quickly strike up a conversation with a cold prospect?"

A.: - Well, how about, 'Hi'. Or, why not mention a common interest? I think you'll find this works well with most folks. So, starting a conversation really isn't the issue, is it? The real question is, "How do I make the transition from, 'Hi', to, 'Do you want to be a distributor'?" That transition is an "ice breaker".

There's loads of ice breakers, all designed to introduce your opportunity or product to your prospects."

Ex.: Find lots of negative people. Yes, in this case you want to be around negative people. Now when the complaints begin then say these exact words:

"Would you like to do something about it?', or, 'Have you ever considered doing something about it?'"

A "Yes" makes the transition you want that will open the door to the presentation side of the conversation. Now show them how your product or service can solve that problem. It really is just that simple.

A "No" automatically tells you that person is not a prospect. Drop it and part as friends.

Ice breakers are very simple prospecting skills that eliminate the fear of talking to cold prospects. Look for lots of negative people to introduce to your awesome product &, or opportunity. Whatever their complaint is, say, "Hi", or bring up a common interest, & break the ice by asking, "Would you like to do something about it?", or, "Have you ever considered doing something about it?" Then, you can spend your time with the warm prospects (those who say "Yes"), & you can keep your friends & friendly acquaintances who say "No" by leaving them alone.

I appreciate you,

Bill Tessore

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